Experience bits & pretzels with Troi

Bits & Pretzels not only encourages innovation, but is also the place where ambition meets success and opens doors to future opportunities. There were many enriching and intelligent talks, primarily on the following topics: How can Europe keep up in the economic and technological race? What decisive role does A.I. play in this, with all its possibilities and challenges?

Special highlight: The award of the "Golden Pretzel" went to the crowned winner Maria Teresa Perez Zaballos from EndoGene.Bio, who was able to convince the jury with such an important topic! Congratulations!

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The living diversity of perspectives

Countless idea givers and driving forces have presented their point of view: Kat Borlongan, Frank Thelen, Heike Freund, Gero Decker, Judith Gerlach and many, many more.

Action instead of hesitation

During the three days, there was a lot of talk about courage, investment and agility. Everyone agreed on one thing: Do it! Now! The worst advisor is fear. In this sense: tackle and implement. Today!

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Troi meets DMEXCO and DigitalX

On September 20 and 21, Cologne became the heart of the German digital world. The simultaneous DMEXCO and Digital X events offered an extensive program and attracted trade visitors from all over the world. With exciting presentations and discussions, Cologne was at the heart of technological innovation.

Visionary ideas and strategies were presented in the Cologne exhibition halls. In particular, the potential of artificial intelligence for marketing and digital transformation was discussed intensively. Speakers from various industries agreed that AI is not only the future of marketing, but will also fundamentally change the way we do business and interact with technology.

The insights and impressions gained will certainly set the tone for the coming months. We summarize the most important insights and impressions here.

Digital X 2023

DIGITAL X – "Be Digital. Stay Human."

This year, Digital X was more than just an event - it was the platform for digital transformation in Germany. With the motto "Be Digital. Stay Human.", it combined technology and ethics, innovation and responsibility.

Image source: Deutsche Telekom AG

Empowering Digital Creativity

DMEXCO - the hotspot for the latest marketing trends. Under the motto "Empowering Digital Creativity", everything revolved around the combination of content, community and commerce.

Image source: ©Koelnmesse

Troi bei DMEXCO 2023